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PACT Act: File Now

Veterans have been hearing about the PACT Act for the past year, and everyone is telling them to file now. Get the VA Toxic screening now. Enroll for health care now. What is the sense of urgency for?

Health Care

If you were discharged from the military after Oct 1, 2013 you can apply for VA Health care at any time. However, if you were discharged between Sep 11, 2001 and Oct 1, 2013 the VA has opened a special enrollment period for you. You can apply for VA healthcare and the VA will take care of anything related to your service for free. However, this special enrollment period ends on Sep 30, 2023 so you only 3 months left to apply.


The first thing that Veterans are being told to do is get toxic screened by the VA. If anything is noticed, you can file for the disability . But time is running out. IF you file a claim based on the PACT Act before Aug 9 of this year, 2023, the VA will backdate any benefits received to Aug 10 of last year, the date the Act was signed. If you wait until After August 9, you will not be backdated. As long as you file at least and Intent to File before Aug 9, you will be covered.

So, don’t wait. Apply for VA Healthcare , and file for benefits now.

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