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Other Benefits Available to Veterans Receiving VA Compensation

Veteran benefits do not begin and end with VA disability compensation. That is the one everyone thinks about, but if a Veteran is already receiving disability compensation there are other benefits they may be eligible to receive. Some of these other benefits are listed here.

  • VA Home Loans – Veterans who receive VA disability compensation may qualify for VA home loan benefits, which provide competitive rates and terms on mortgages and do not require a down payment.
  • Presumptive Medical Conditions – Veterans who receive VA disability pay due to certain conditions, such as Agent Orange or Gulf War Illness-related conditions, may have other related medical conditions that qualify presumptively for additional compensation.
  • Priority Access to VA Medical Care – Veterans who receive VA compensation get bumped to a higher VA health care enrollment group, giving them increased priority access to medical appointments at VA facilities.
  • Federal Jobs Preference – Disabled Veterans receiving VA compensation get additional points added during the hiring application process when seeking federal jobs. The severity of the disability determines how many extra points are given.
  • State or Local Benefits – Many states or cities offer additional benefits to Veterans who receive service-connected VA disability pay, such as local property or vehicle tax exemptions.
  • Options to Increase Pay – Veterans receiving VA disability may also qualify for special compensation, temporary 100% ratings during surgeries or hospital stays, and increased rates if the disability worsens over time.
  • Survivor Access to Benefits – The surviving spouses or dependents of deceased Veterans who were receiving VA disability may qualify for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation from the VA.

Remember, life doesn’t stop just because a Veteran is disabled or is already receiving compensation. These other benefits can increase the quality of life for Veterans and their dependents. If you haven’t considered them, look them up on the VA website and think about utilizing some of them. You served, and these benefits are for you.

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