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The Benefit of eBenefits

If you are a Veteran and you are not using the eBenefits website, why not? It is free to get a login account through DS Logon, and the benefits of doing so are enormous. With that logon, you can access a wealth of information from the eBenefits page, including your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). The OMPF contains your service record along with your DD214. I will list just a few of the benefits which can be foundfrom the eBenefits home page.

Disability Information

If you have filed for VA disability, the information is accessible from the homepage of eBenefits. The “Disabilities” page will list a Veteran’s total disability rating, and then break down the rated disabilities as well as what the rating is for each one.

Application Information

From the menu, a Veteran can find information on how to apply for everything from disability compensation to a home loan to burial benefits.

Certificate of Eligibility

A Veteran can generate and print a Certificate of Eligibility for the VA Home Loan program from their own computer.


Veterans can generate and download or print many different types of VA letters including:
– Benefit Summary
– Benefit Verification
– Disabled Veteran Civil Service Preference
– Proof of Minimum Essential Coverage
– Service Verification

Military Personnel File

The link from eBenefits to the milConnect website gives Veterans the ability to view and download documents from their Official Military Personnel File.

While these are some of the most useful tools on the eBenefits website, they are not the ONLY tools available. If you don’t have an account, it is worth the time to register for one and take control of your benefits

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